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How To Learn Wicca Spells: The Power Of Symbols Explained For Full Magical Effect!

How ToLearn Wicca Spells! Learn Real Magic Powers And Change Your Life Forever!

Welcome to another special magical 
lesson to empower yourself to create your reality even better with real magic powers! Today I would like to discuss the power of creating your own magical symbol. A magical symbol can be a Talismen that attracts what you designed it for. As an example say you want to win at the casino, your talisman would draw you better luck.

You can also create a symbol for protection against energies and forces that may be against you. As an example, you could create
a symbol that repels negative people. Now how exactly do you create a magical symbol that will work and give you real magic powers? I will show you how right away with these following tips that have always worked for me and alot of other witches and wizards.

Craft your symbol as a phrase that you can remember that clearly dictates what you want.

As an example:

"I will to create more positivity around me."

From this phrase you will take the first letter of each word. As an example:


Now you can use those letters as a form of magic you can memorize or turn into a magical word. But more on that in later lessons.
Now remove any repeating letters from the list of first letter's of words from your phrase. In the above example we would not repeat the letter "M."

Learn Wicca Spells: Next thing you want to do is write the letters over top of each other on a piece of paper. I prefer using red ink. You want to overlap each letter from the letters: "IWTCMPA" Go ahead and do it right now. Now you will see it looks like a crude drawing with lines in different angles and overlapping lines. You want your symbol to be contained within a square. You do not however have to draw a square but you can if you wish!

Once you have a crude symbol, try to make it a little easier and less complicated to draw. You can remove lines or form the list of overlapping letters into a more refined and easier to remember symbol. Using symbols is a way to harness real magic powers that do in fact work! While you are creating the symbol be sure you are repeating and focusing on the phrase:

"I will to create more positivity around me."

You now have a magical Talismen symbol designed to bring about positivity around you! You can cut out the symbol from the piece of paper and focus on it for another 10 minutes empowering it with positive energy to create an abundance of positive vibes from the symbol.

There are further techniques in regards to creating powerful Talismens, symbols and Amulets and we will be sure to discuss them further in future magical lessons.

Try this technique out and then create your own symbol! Empower it and watch it in action and how it can effect your daily life when brought with you or mentally focused on it! This is a powerful method to learn wicca spells and it does work. Try it out!

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