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How To Have Out Of Body Experiences

Learn How To Have Out Of Body Experiences Tonight!

Now for todays special real magic powers article I would like to showyou and discuss the possibilities of  out of body experiences and lucid dreaming and even soul travel. Being able to leave your physical body during sleep and actually traveling in your spiritual dream body is both super amazing and empowering.

To start you out with a basic technique, I want you to look at a clock every hour. Upon looking at the clock at every hour interval, ask yourself out loud, "Am I Dreaming?"

out of body experiences

Keep doing this for a week or two weeks straight.You will notice within a few days of doing this weird repetition you will start doing it from within your dreams. Being able to soul travel is a key concept of real magic powers and will revolutionize your life and your abilities and magic.

When you look at the clock and say out loud, "Am I Dreaming?" inside your dream, you will notice that you may in fact be lucid dreaming. It might not happen the first time so continue doing this in your waking life.

When you realize you are aware and have awoken to the fact that you are in a dream the possibilities of what you can do and achieve are endless. They all begin and end with what you want to do in your dreams.

Try this real magic powers technique out for the next 2 weeks. Look at a clock every hour on the hour, and ask yourself, "Am I Dreaming?"

This will happen in your lucid dreams often and you will become more lucid and much more aware while in
the dream worlds to do and accomplish what you can't do here on Earth.

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