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Common Questions About Magic Spells And The Author Of This Website Answered Below!

Answers To Questions About How You Can Learn Real Magic Spells And More!

How long have you been involved with

I have been a spiritual person since I was a child. I was taught Christianity until I started to question reality at the age of 18.At age 19, I had a full on spiritual awakening.I have also died three different times within my life. I would say "magick" and wicca have always been a part of my life just used in different ways.

Why do you believe you can teach me magick spells?

I have been taught magick from different teachers through this lifetime. Most of them teaching empowerment of self and enlightenment. I have also met some dark teachers which I have learned from and left quickly. I believe in using magick and wicca for cultivation of the witch or wizard to his or her highest form of development and continual attainment of being loving to self and others. His or her magic spells to empower and better his or her own life and the lives of others.

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Questions About Magic Spells & The Dreaming Wizard Answered!

Do you believe or teach Black
magick spells?

No I do not teach black magick. It only ends up destroying and hurting the enchanter that sends it out into the universe. The karmic debt of negativity you can create by trying to reduce and destroy others with magic spells can be tragic because it will follow you in this lifetime and many more to come.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes I do. As you unfold and develop into a more whole and spiritual being through the practice of self introspection and magic spells, you will become aware of your own past lives and even future lives through deep meditation or may have dreams that are past life memories.

Can I be a Christian/Buddhist/Atheist/Whatever?

If you use magic spells for the greatest and highest good for yourself and mankind I am sure you will realize it will not
effect your religious or spiritual beliefs. As long as you believe in a God or Deity(s) that are loving and kind then your spells and rituals will not be a bad thing. Unless your religion forbids it which then leads you to choose what you
want to do with your religion and magic spells practices.

Are Gods real?

Only you can answer this for yourself but I can verify from my own wisdom that yes Gods do exist. There is more then one God and millions of varieties of deities and demi-Gods. I suggest you only work with and listen to Gods that spread the messageof self knowledge and love for yourself and love for every living creature and beyond.

What is it like having magick powers?

I can only answer this from my own life experiences. It is fun. I notice little synchronicities, spontaneous positive events, I am luckier then most people I know as well. I can also tell ahead of time what will happen in my daily life whether it be a few minutes ahead or hours. People are generally friendly with me and using rituals and magic spells to gain me an advantage in life is very rewarding and makes my life easier. I have also helped others I know with magic as well for making their own lives better.

I hope those answered some of your questions about magick and wicca, including more information about myself and why I am here teaching you the art and sciences of magick.

Dreaming Wizard

learn real magic spells

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