real wicca spells

real wicca spells

Real Wicca Spells

Real Wicca Spells Explained!

Now on to today's lesson. How to cultivate your imagination to internally receive and manifest what you desire into the physical realm of reality.  If you want real wicca spells click here! The first ability you will need to cultivate is being able to shut down your mind and enter a meditative state. Some people call it self hypnosis. I highly recommend self hypnosis and learning it so you can put yourself into deep trances which in turn changes your brain frequencies to more relaxed and psychic states.

Learn wicca spells - So that is your first thing I need you to. Look into self hypnosis and the different techniques that exist. All you really need is a good 10-20 minutes of empty quiet in your outer environment and inside your own mind. Once you have achieved the ability to deeply relax and not be invaded by silly and intruding thoughts you will want to begin cultivating your imagination so you can project images on to the blank black canvas you see with your eyes closes.


In a deep state of self hypnosis you can visualize and day dream. Now being able to visualize a specific scene or image is essential. This whole lesson may take you a few weeks to master but once you can begin visualizing in your minds eye you are getting ready to project magic.

Learn real wicca spells - The next step you ask? I want you to visualize yourself as having already realized what you desire. Want a new car? In your meditative state visualize and imagine the thrill of driving that new car and pour positive energy into the imagined reality as if it were real. Do this every day.

You can use this technique to aquire and manifest real magic power and anything you desire. It just takes complete faith, will power and energy from you as being transmuted into reality to make it happen. This lesson itself should take you a few weeks to master to learn psychic ability or a few days. It is entirely up to you. I suggest you practice this method and be sure to uncover and study self hypnosis information and practice it!

I hope you have learned something valuable! If you want to learn real wicca spells then I highly recommend you visit the links to the guides and courses below that will empower you with very real magic powers! These guides are the best on the internet and readers just like you have taken advantage of reading them to develop and learn psychic ability as well as real magic powers. Stop what you are doing and read one of the amazing real magic powers manuals below to gain supernatural abilities and learn psychic ability too! Click here for real wicca spells!

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