how to do real magic spells

how to do real magic spells

Discover how to do real magic spells!

How To Do Real Magic Spells -  Read This!

Many people on the internet search for methods and information on how to do real magic spells. They search the internet in hopes of finding real magic spells that will work for them and their personal needs. Now unfortunately many of these people do not know how magic works or what sustains reality or how to bend it.

They just want immediate information on how to manipulate energy and the universe to gain their desires in physical reality. This would be the same as expecting to know how to fix a vehicle without any previous training as an automobile mechanic. Without training or first being studied and learned in the particular field how exactly would you realistically expect to gain results on an expert level? You simply couldn't.

This is my first response to people when they come to my website and ask me how to do real magic spells.

Many different people will believe that witches and wizards have an endless collection of spells that will work for anybody and everybody and this is simply not true. A real witch, wizard or magician will have his or her personal collection of magical rituals and spells for their particular needs and desires. They may have magic that is programmed and intended for them personally that would have absolutely no effect for you personally if you were to try them.

How To Do Real Magic Spells Explained Below..

The key to learning how to do real magic spells is to first develop the powers and abilities to intelligently first create the proper thought and mental based atmosphere for magical intent followed by the creation of a spell or ritual that is designed to give you what you desire.

If you had no idea on how to drive a race car but expected to win a race based on reading an internet webpage do you think that would be a realistic goal? Absolutely not. If you aspire to learn how to do real magic spells in your daily life you will first need to learn as much as you can about magic. Secondly, you will have to do everything in your power to question reality. Thirdly you will have to question everything that you have been ever told or believe in spirituality and reality.

The keys to magical power actually working for you is based on your independent pursuits of self-knowledge, self-actualization and being able to use the powers of your mind combined with the power of the universe to bring about your magical based desires.

how to do real magic spells

Discover How To Do Real Magic Spells!

I personally suggest that you study a particular branch of magic and follow that path. Particular paths in magic are good and I suggest that you follow a system that feels natural to you and is based on the properties of Love. People do decide to mess around with black magic and they usually destroy themselves in the end. Walking the path of peace and love are the two highest callings a magician can follow. When you understand the laws of cause and effect and the natural laws of karma you will understand why black magic is so harmful and negative.

When you are following a particular path of magical belief and study only follow and listen to teachers that tell you to use magic for the betterment of yourself and all sentient beings.

Knowing how to do real magic spells is a part of a process that contains different elements and pieces. Having the mental state to establish a psychic connection to the universe is the first step to accomplishing any form of magic spells actually working. The magical path can be walked alone or in a group.

I personally have learned and trained with different people and orders and now walk on my own as a magician. Ultimately, using magic and gaining real ability with it will be entirely up to you. What you experience will be governed by your thoughts and your beliefs. This is the pliable and moldable fabric of magic. Click here to learn how to do real magic spells now!

how to do real magic spells

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