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how to be a witch

How To Be A Witch Completely Explained!

How To Be A Witch

Many people on the internet are interested in finding information about how to be a witch. There is plenty of information online from various sources and many different people want to know the truth. This article will aim to educate as well as enlighten and inspire you with information and tips on how to get started with witchcraft and magic spells.

To completely begin with you must know that witchcraft is not a religion even though many people on the internet think it is. There are many different branches that witchcraft spells and sorcery incorporate. There are religious practices and techniques that many different users of witchcraft spells and Wicca will embrace but this is not necessary. Witchcraft and wizardry is definitely a spiritual path and can be as completely individual as you are. There is no set format or rules that you must follow or certain guidelines that must be met.

One of the greatest lessons a person who wants to know how to become a witch to follow is the rule of doing no harm to anyone with your magic spells or witchcraft. This is one of the most basic rules but also one of the most integral. This report is not built to discuss the practicality of white magic or black magic. How you decide to use your magic spells and rituals will be entirely up to you.

how to be a witch

How To Be A Witch Completely Revealed..

Knowing how to be a witch will take you all over the place in your life and will bring you different teachers and lessons. Don't expect results if you just start casting magic spells all over the place if you do not understand how the art or science of magic and witchcraft works. You need to understand the basics of how magick works. You will also have to explore the reasons why you want to follow the path of witchcraft and what you intend to do once you learn how to become a witch.

When it comes to learning witchcraft you will find that it is a gigantic topic and there are plenty of different traditions and beliefs that you may or may not identify with. You will have to put together your own system of magic and build a framework for yourself so you have a better understanding of your beliefs and what you require from your magic spells and witchcraft spells. Over time your perspective on magic and witchcraft will change and this is part of understanding and learning sorcery.

It is best to read up on as many different paths and traditions that you can. You may decide that Wicca is a path you understand. Wicca is religion and involves a system of practicing and using magic based on the branch of Wicca that you choose to learn from and follow. You may also meet other people and training groups that may teach you and even lead you through series of initiations. You can also be a completely independent person learning how to become a witch and create your own system of magic spells and rituals.

Solitary witchcraft is the type of magic that is practiced by an individual in his or her own personal way. Being a solitary witchcraft user does not mean you have to everything on your own and it is normal to meet up with other groups, hang out with other witches and to attend events, rituals, and online communities.

You may want to research your family history when it comes to using witchcraft and sorcery. You may find that your ancestral lineage has its own version of magic spells and Wicca that has been used for a long time that may work naturally for you.

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