learn witchcraft spells

learn witchcraft spells

Learn Witchcraft Spells - The Amazing Powers Of The Planets And Astrology Revealed!

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Learn Witchcraft Spells And The Power Of Astrology And How It Effects Your Life!

There are 12 different signs in the western
astrology and 13 different animal signs in Chinese astrology. I personally and highly recommend you get your own personal astrology chart created and printed out for yourself. Why you ask? When you were born, the minute, the hour, the day, the month, the year and the position of where the planets were at on the second of your birth will cause huge 
effects on who you are as an individual. These benefit and help your ability to learn witchcraft spells and making them work accurately.

This also includes who you will be, your personality traits, your likes, your dislikes, your romantic compatibility with others, how  you are treated, what your life purpose is, how to find happiness for yourself and much much more! Remember that being a powerful and aware wizard or witch entails knowing yourself to the fullest. Including your good traits and bad traits and things that other people may not even be aware of in themselves. Knowing yourself and who you are completely will empower your magical rituals and will help you learn witchcraft spells that much more.


Learn Witchcraft Spells & The Power Of Astrology In Your Daily Life!

I also recommend that you look into your Chinese astrology as well. You can do this by entering the year of your birth and the
month and you will find some fascinating information about yourself based on your Chinese animal sign. When I was single and dating before I found my wife, I would only date women that were compatible to my western and Chinese astrology.

I made sure that the women I dated were compatible with me based on my Western sign and that our Chinese animal signs could work together in harmony in a relationship. Let me tell you a secret, most people that are in unhappy and unfulfilled relationships or having had relationships that have ended because of incompatibility is usually because the couple's astrology signs don't match up!

But when you find someone that is compatible with you on both astrological zodiac's be ready for true love! That is all for this special lesson. Be sure to visit Tara's page and get a free astrology reading. Don't forget to also visit google and research your birthday in western and Chinese astrology.

This is your magical homework you need to do. If you would like to learn witchcraft spells that are guaranteed to work giving you real wicca powers then I recommend you visit the links below. Each of the links showcase award winning learn real magic training guides that will help you learn magic powers much faster then you would on your own. Stop what you are doing and scroll down to visit the links and download the real magic powers training manuals below!

To your highest and greatest self!

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learn witchcraft powers

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