real working magic spells

Real working magic spells

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When you want to learn the beginning steps of magic you will need to find the actual skills that make real
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Real working magic spells are goverened by the power of the magician that puts them into the universe.
The magician will have to have full control and power over his or her mental atmosphere. You will need
to have full control over your thought processes and your emotions. Being able to learn how to get real
magical powers will depend on your abilities to control your own mental atmosphere. When you can
completely empty your mind and fill it with intensive desire with creative imagination and a burning desire
you can make your ritual or spell work in real life. The truth to making spells work in real life is being
able to create a powerful state of mind that will transfer the spell or ritual to the astral realms so that it
may manifest into the physical dimension.

I have awoken very real magical powers and abilities within myself and have changed my life to the
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plane through out of body travel and visit a place called, The Temple Of Wisdom. It is a mystery
school that teaches the highest truths and complexities of magic. Inside are ascended masters and
teachers who have taught me powerful secrets of magic. I have put their secrets on how to get magic
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real working magic spells

I have compiled the different magical teachings from, The Temple Of Wisdom and put them into a download
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