How To Get Accurate Answers Too
Questions With Real Magick Spells

First of all this magical idea is called the pendulum. You create on a piece of paper on the right side the word "Yes" and the
left hand side of the paper "No." You then tie an object to a string to give it weight.

Once you have done this think hard about your question and quiet your mind from any distractions or other thoughts other then what you are doing. This is just one of many techniques to learn magic spells that you will find within this website. There are a lot of real magic spells available on this website and I encourage you to search this site to gain psychic powers and supernatural abilities easily starting today.

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Hold the string with a small weight object on the end over your piece of paper. Now focus on your question and hold the string or pendulum over the paper. Be perfectly still, while concentrating on your answer being sent back to you. This may sound very primitive but I assure you that you will get accurate and honest answers to any question you ask!

While thinking and focusing you will notice that your pendulum will start hovering to the Yes or No side of the piece of paper as to answer your question. If it doesn't work right away try again. I guarantee this real magic spells technique does work and you can receive information from the universe or Gods with this simple way to learn magic spells techniques.

If you want to get even more and learn magick spells and abilities I suggest you visit the courses and guides linked below to open yourself up to full on metaphysical abilities and supernatural powers. You will learn psychic powers and real magic spells you won't be able to find anywhere else. The guide's linked below are the best on the internet and my readers HIGHLY RECOMMEND each guide below.

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Learn Wicca Spells And Learn Psychic Powers
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