how to learn magic spells

how to learn magic spells

How To Learn Magic Spells

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How To Learn Magic Spells Revealed!

Today I would like to show you 4 different types of tools you can use to create and use to develop real magick powers and how to make them work nearly every time so you don't fail! You haveprobably heard of these before but they do work very well with combined intention, will, desire and imagination.

How To Learn Magic Spells Tool #1 - Candles - Candles are one of the oldest mystical tools since the dark ages and they can be used and lighted to create a mystical effect which evokes the power and the creative response to make your desired supernatural effect come to be. Different colors do and can mean different things to you and others. When it comes to picking candles for supernatural purposes and rituals I sugges you use your gut.

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How To Learn Magic Spells Tool #2 - Symbols - Your subconscious mind works in symbols and coded information.
When you create a symbol that defines and gives energy torwards your specific task based on the image you create it can become very very powerful. You will want to imagine the results of your wiccaas being already achieved and pour intense positive imagination and desire energy into the symbol as a thankfulness for it accomplishing your goal.

How To Learn Magic Spells Tool #3 - Tarot cards - These are another tool designed for your subconscious mind to help you see clearly into the different aspects of a situation you are looking into using the cards. They are a great tool for personal self discovery and the collection of self knowledge with great accuracy. I always tell others to read your own
tarot cards but if you can't find someone that can.

How To Learn Magic Spells Tool #4 - Pendulum - You can use this to access your subconscious mind into giving you yes or no answers. If it swings towards the right it can mean yes, a swing to the left a no. It is all up to you on how well it works, but with trial a small amount of error and practice you can learn what the universe or the greater you has to say on whatever situation you ask the pendulum.

Continue reading these special information stuffed webpages that will help you improve your supernatural abilities and will help you to learn psychic ability naturally with one lesso at a time. If you want to excel at wicca and start using witchcraft to make your life even better I suggest you visit the links below to harness the powers of the supernatural to make your life the best and greatest it can ever be! Learn psychic ability and learn magic spells by visiting the links below now!

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Get FREE Magical Training Lessons In Your eMail Every Week! Just Sign Up Below To Get Started Right Now!

how to learn magic spells

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