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Before you learn about magick, it is important to know some ancient magick spells first. Believe it or not, the reality of witchcraft had been there and spread across the world from ancient times until now. Among the many types of mysticism that is, of course, there are some of them are very well known by the public.

Not a few who give the label some wicca as the most dangerous, sinister and deadly. Regardless of positive or negative assessment, certainly does not hurt if on this occasion we will discuss about ancient magick spells that you can find in the world today.. However, we certainly need to know it well only be material or information as a mere discourse. And here below are the famous wicca which are summarized from various references journal.

Voodoo Haiti and West Africa
In general, the people of Haiti and West Africa strongly believe and assume wicca is a science that is sacred and must be respected. One of the most famous wicca in their spiritual called "Voodoo". For more details you can read the previous article that explores specifically about Voodoo Magic Behind the horror stories.

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Lamia Gypsy
Lamia is the witchcraft of the most cruel and painful that is used by the Gypsy. This witchcraft is usually used as a customary punishment. The way it works is to take something that belongs to us, whether buttons, pens or other, and then utter incantations to the object. Wicca spells that work will make the victim feel great pain, even able to paralyze the entire body and vital organs solve part of victims that led to the tragic death.

Kiyuku is the name of a tribe in Africa, and is a fraction of the Murci and Dassanech. Kiyuku looking for a way to move out of Africa region. The shape of this witchcraft is Kiyuku Kiyuku dancer or dance. The local community is not yet clear about what is meant by the dance.

Some say as magick to make the rain, bring a plague, there are even some who say these people can turn the desert into the snow. But equally frightening is Kiyuku wicca is able to work very quickly when attacking the targeted victim. So those are some popular witchcraft spells in the world. If you want to learn how to develop your own very real powers visit the link below now!

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