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White Wicca Powers - How To Unlock The
Powers Of Lucid Dreaming & Soul Travel!

You see many mystics and wizards do
believe that the dream consciousness and sleep itself is a portal to a very different dimension. And yes this is true. You are within the worlds of mind and intellect where the laws and boundaries of the dream atmosphere and dreamscape are controlled by your subconscious, conscious mind and white wicca spells. As the dream itself and the experiencer of the dream.

White wicca powers - Here is a secret: This is also true of waking reality. When you are aware and awake past your ego training and desire to oppose everything you will discover as quantum physics has taught us that our physical reality is merely vibrations of small particles.

White wicca spells - Thought and perception from our 5 senses create real magick powers and the world we experience while we are awake. However in dream life your  subconscious and self consciousness create and control your dreaming. The atmosphere, the layouts, the topics, the colors everything. Now what I would like you to focus on is learning about lucid dreaming. I hope you have been practicing the dream technique I taught you a few weeks ago. If not, be sure to practice them now. Knowing how to dream travel is essential for gaining white wicca powers.

white wicca powers - learn white wicca spells

Learning how to become lucid and completely aware that you are dreaming is the first step. The second step is learning how to control
your dreaming, the atmosphere, the environment, and control over your dream self and being aware that you are in fact within a dream.
The next stage you will want to work on is doing white wicca spells and rituals within the confines of your dream. You will notice that
your magick is much more powerful when used and performed in the dream environment.

Since white wicca spells and magick is based on thought, will power and desire, just imagine the very real possibilities of using these 3 keys to real magick powers in the dream worlds, which are made of thought. The dream world is an incredibly powerful place to do and gain real magick powers and learn very new and illuminating things about yourself, your life and reality.

If you want to boost your lucid dreaming abilities much faster without the hassle of sifting thru all the techniques and information that bombard the internet, check out my friend, Darius's dreaming course right now over here:


It is guaranteed to get you lucid dreaming faster so you can conduct much more effective and powerful magical and white wicca spells in the dream worlds. If you want to harness real white wicca powers in your daily life and gaining real magick powers to make your life the best it can be, then I recommend you read Darius's guide. If you want further training on how to get magick powers then I suggest you download the award winning white wicca spells manuals that are linked below too get real magick powers as soon as tonight!

To your highest and greatest self!

Dreaming Wizard

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