white wicca spells

white wicca spells

White Wicca Spells - How To Remove All Negative And Toxic Magic Energy To Make Your
Life More Vibrant & Healthy

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How To Use White Wicca Spells And Real Witchcraft Spells To Remove Toxic Energy!

Being able to be free and light of negative and toxic energies will bring you greater mental clarity as well as better health and over all energy. Being overtaken by negative and toxic energy whether it be from stress from work, grief or illness, it will take energy from you that you don't want to lose or be over taken negatively. We are here to experience the gift of life. So here is the white wicca spells technique to remove all sadness and fear from your body soul and mind.

This is a creative visualization technique so you are required to find a comfortable place to relax and focus inwardly within your own mind for the next 20 minutes for this exercise. The results of this exercise will be an over all feeling of relaxation and happiness. Once you are in a relaxed state be sure to put yourself into a state of self hypnosis. This requires deep breath and relaxation of the mind removing all cluttering thoughts and interruptions of this exercise.

white wicca spells  - real witchcraft powers

White Wicca Spells And Self Hypnosis Explained:

After you are in a deep state of relaxation and calm with very little mental interruptions of thoughts or images, focus on a small square box in your minds eye. Be sure to visualize it as clearly as you can. You can make the box any color you wish and it may be as big
or as small as you want. Any specific details, symbols or patterns on your box is up to you.

Next, focus on your negative emotions and the turmoil and unclean energy they are. Now visualize yourself putting all your negative thoughts, pain, grief, sorrow, depression, anger and whatever ails you into the box. The box is incredibly strong and will hold all of your
negative energies. Next start sending that box love energy. Call upon your Higher Self, God, Angels, or whomever you believe in to purify and to surround and fill the box with abundant white light love energy.

Imagine the box being overtaken by the white wicca spells love and  dissolving into the white light of love until the entire box fades away and has become healed and over taken by the positive white light of love.

After you are done this exercise ask the white light of love to enter you and your entire being. Visualize the energy coming down through the top of your head and going all the way through your body out through your feet back into the Earth. Be sure to bring yourself back to an alert and awake state after this session of self hypnosis.

After you have completed this entire exercise of removing negative energy and karma with the box which becomes healed and transformed by the white light of love is a very powerful technique.

It does work and it does improve everything in your being after you try it. So be sure you examine and use this white wicca spells whenever you are over taken by negative energy. If you would like to learn magic powers and transform your lifestyle with supernatural abilities including methods to learn psychic powers visit the links below. The links below will show you how to get magic powers in real life easily.

To your highest and greatest self!

Dreaming Wizard

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white wicca spells

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